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Laura Stine


Laura has worked in the landscape field for over 25 years. Incorporating solid design concepts with the best plant choices allows her to create garden spaces that provide outstanding function with beautiful visual appeal.

Her keen interest in plants has led her to research and design with many plants that are native to our region. These plants not only fit beautifully into the home landscape but also connect our landscapes to nature in useful and fascinating ways.

Laura Stine of Laura Stine gardens has a B.S. from Indiana University Bloomington and a certification in Landscape Technology from Ivy Tech. She has 25 years of experience designing a wide range of outdoor living spaces and in her previous position was the Senior Landscape Designer for a Fort Wayne nursery and landscaping company. She sits on the executive committee of the Northeast chapter of the Indiana Native Plants and Wildflower Society and enjoys using native plants that create healthy ecosystems while connecting residential landscapes to our native wildlife, including birds, butterflies and beneficial insects

Laura Stine, Owner
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Stephen Lauterberg, the Team Leader and Hardscape Specialist for Laura Stine Gardens, is a graduate with honors from Ashworth College in the Professional Landscape Design Program. He is a licensed Indiana Pesticide Applicator and is active in the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association.

Steve specializes in hardscapes and holiday exterior and interior design. He serves as an assistant on landscape project development and design.
Steve is a Fort Wayne native with a true knowledge of native plants for Zone 5 – Northeast Indiana.