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Laura Stine


Laura has worked in the landscape field for over 25 years. Incorporating solid design concepts with the best plant choices allows her to create garden spaces that provide outstanding function with beautiful visual appeal.

Her keen interest in plants has led her to research and design with many plants that are native to our region. These plants not only fit beautifully into the home landscape but also connect our landscapes to nature in useful and fascinating ways.

Laura Stine of Laura Stine gardens has a B.S. from Indiana University Bloomington and a certification in Landscape Technology from Ivy Tech. She has 25 years of experience designing a wide range of outdoor living spaces and in her previous position was the Senior Landscape Designer for a Fort Wayne nursery and landscaping company. She sits on the executive committee of the Northeast chapter of the Indiana Native Plants and Wildflower Society and enjoys using native plants that create healthy ecosystems while connecting residential landscapes to our native wildlife, including birds, butterflies and beneficial insects.

Laura Stine, Owner
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Stephen, an honors graduate from Ashworth College’s Professional Landscape Design Program, is an award-winning designer who possesses a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise in his field.

His role as lead designer for the Townhomes of Breckenridge project in downtown Fort Wayne underscores his ability to deliver exceptional results. The project’s recognition with an Award of Excellence from the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association speaks volumes about Stephen’s talent and the quality of his work.

Stephen’s commitment to ongoing professional development is evident through his licensure as an Indiana Pesticide Applicator and active involvement in the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association. By staying current with industry standards and best practices, he ensures that his designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

Additionally, Stephen’s passion for custom holiday exterior and interior designs showcases his versatility and creativity in transforming spaces for seasonal festivities. His Fort Wayne roots provide him with an intimate understanding of the local environment, particularly in selecting native plants suitable for Zone 5 – Northeast Indiana, thereby enhancing the sustainability of his designs.

Stephanie Krull


Stephanie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our design team with over 20 years of landscape design experience. Her focus on native plants and sustainable landscaping practices makes her an asset in creating modern and environmentally friendly residential and commercial landscapes.

During her tenure as Landscape & Grounds manager at Indiana State University, Stephanie demonstrated her commitment to sustainability by utilizing native plants extensively. Her efforts not only beautified the campus but also contributed to environmental conservation. Achieving Gold Champion status with the Indiana Wildlife Federation for Sustainable Landscaping highlights her dedication and proficiency in this area.

With Stephanie’s deep knowledge and passion for native plants, you can expect innovative and eco-conscious designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal while promoting environmental stewardship. Her addition to our team reinforces our commitment to creating sustainable landscapes that harmonize with nature.

Stephanie Krull, Laura Stine Gardens
Dannon Schroeder, Laura Stine Gardens

Dannon Schroeder


Dannon’s multifaceted talent and artistic vision make him an invaluable asset to our team. As an award-winning creative artist skilled in various mediums, he brings a unique perspective to every project he undertakes.

Dannon’s exceptional organizational skills play a pivotal role in project success. His meticulous attention to detail and adeptness in managing project logistics streamline the process from design completion to project implementation.

His contributions significantly enhance the quality and success of our projects, set a high standard for excellence in design and execution, and result in satisfied homeowners and clients.